For me, every object, every piece of furniture or swath of fabric, has a story. And it’s that narrative that intrigues me endlessly. How something was made, and by whom, and where- all of these details are revealing and fascinating in their own right. But it’s often the human side of these elements that inspire me the most.

My passion for marrying globally sourced materials with a modern aesthetic springs from my deep respect for the talented craftspeople across the country and around the world. Whether it’s a hand block printed textile by a Brooklyn-based designer, a hand woven rug from an artisan in Nepal, or a vintage mirror found at a flea market, such pieces have the power to connect us with other people, other places and other points in time. They serve to create an ethereal environment that is rich in story, texture, and humanity.

I revere the spirit and effect of hand-made craftsmanship, in which each piece is truly unique and cherished for its irregularities and variations. These types of handmade pieces can reflect life, in all its beauty and imperfection and the authentic soul of the inhabitants that reside within its walls.