About Courtney

My mother, an abundantly creative woman, encouraged me from an early age to recognize and appreciate the many different ways we all express ourselves artistically. She inspired me to explore my own interest in the interconnected, deeply expressive worlds of both fashion and interiors. After graduating from the University of Colorado, I worked in the fabric department, at the renowned Holly Hunt. Rummaging through endless piles of exquisite materials awoke in me a passion for textiles and an infinite curiosity for interiors. My inner guide further confirmed my creative calling and propelled me to attain my Masters degree at the Harrington School of Design in Chicago. I then spent several years merchandising and styling for an array of notably curated boutiques in Chicago before I founded my own design practice, Fohrm Interiors.

My childhood spent riding horses in Colorado and hiking in the mountains of California, created a lifelong love affair to the natural world. These experiences sparked a visceral connection to nature that compels me to bring a sense of meditative, earthy comfort into the spaces that I design.

I believe your home is your sanctuary, and should offer you a sense of peace, enliven your spirit, elevate you, and connect you in meaningful ways to your inherent, inner existence and the world at large.